kitchen knife

A handle and an edge are to be stuck straight.

Let's see a kitchen knife from the back, and choose the thing that the center of the handle and an edge are straight. There are "ZENKOU"l and "TUKEHAGANE" in the material, and there are carbon steel and stainless steel in the steel.

Steel is to be equally.

Let's see the reverse side of the table ・, and the border of the steel and the ground iron is to get clear, and choose the thing which is equal. It is especially important in the Japanese kitchen knife.

Do careful finishing.

The part that the "AGO" is detailed is seen, and the thing that Finishing is careful is good.


There is a form of plural. Use it properly in accordance with the purpose.

The function of the kitchen knife

A: It begins to come 【 the gills and the internal organs 】 at the point of the edge.

B: The skin of the burdock is shaved in the "MINE".

C: Garlic and ginger are mashed in the plain.

D: The bud of the potato is scooped in the "AGO".


In addition to the Japanese Knife Stainless steel a kitchen knife, too, is good when one drop of oil is applied after it is washed soon and dampness is taken well after it is used, too. As for the oil, even the rest oil of tempura is all right.

How to sharpen

The cutting of the kitchen knife depends on the one with the edge. It is this ceremony to sharpen it by using three kinds of whetstones of the "ARA"・ "NAKA"・ "SIAGE". But, home is effective even if it is omitted and sharpened only in "NAKA" when there are few Abrasion.

the case of both edges

The same number of times sharpens the both sides 【 the corner of the edge is made to be before and after 12° 】.If you touch the tip of the reverse side of the knife which is sharpened ,and notice the dull edge of the knife,you should sharpen the dull edge of it's surface.

the case of the settlement edge

You sharpen it,touching the reverse side of the knife with your finger until it is showed up the dull edge, and in reverse side you lightly sharpen the dull edge of the knife,putting the magnet to it flatly.

1.Let's keep an angle with the whetstone in the constant, and make the power within the average
from the root place of the edge.

2.Next, the center of the edge is sharpened to be the same. If a center is finished, the point of
the edge is made the same, too.

3.Then, the tip of the edge is sharpened.Tend to lift the handle of the kitchen knife a little,
and do, and sharpen it by a feeling that "J" for the reverse is written. At last,you sharpen the
dull edge of the knife. this is end.